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Color Reference Guide

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy assists the body’s energy balance and promotes general wellness. Light absorbed by the tissue is converted into ATP or cellular energy which promotes the body’s own natural healing responses. Speeding up the healing process as well as relieving pain and swelling.


Red light therapy is beneficial for:


  • Stimulating acupoints

  • Pain relief

  • Lameness issues

  • Acute and chronic injuries

  • Immune system support

  • Muscle/wound healing

  • Joints/bones/Connective tissue

  • Circulation and scar tissue

  • Regenerates blood

  • Swelling and inflammation

  • Athletic and senior maintenance

  • Collagen production- essential for connective tissue repair

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy has long been used to treat acne and other skin conditions. Hospitals use it to help with jaundice in newborns and it has been successfully used to treat SAD depression symptoms. It also has many applications for horses.


Blue light therapy is beneficial for:


  • Cooling heat from injury and inflammation

  • Burns

  • Fever

  • Itching

  • Calms nerves/bowels

  • Anti-fungal

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Inflammation

  • Fascia

  • Skin conditions

  • Releases serotonin to enhance mood

Use before Red and Green to boost treatment

Green Light Therapy

Green light therapy is used for balancing the body’s energy. When the body is balanced it is better able to protect and heal itself as well as function in a harmonious mental and physical state.



Green light therapy is beneficial for:


  • Stimulating the immune function

  • Stimulating the pituitary gland

  • Balancing energy

  • Balancing hormones

  • Balancing organs

  • Balances digestive system

  • Calming- mood enhancing

  • Nerves

  • Joints and bone building

  • Wound healing

  • Inflammation

  • Skin conditions

  • Can be used in place of red light when red is too stimulating

  • Can be used with red to bridge

Can be used before or after other color to bring balance

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