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Abstract Water
Abstract Water

Equilux On Site Therapy Services

Equilux offers on site light therapy at our location in Gavilan Hills, CA.

Coming Soon... The AquaPacer equine water treadmill. These therapies pair extremely well together and will be offered as a package or separately.  


Hydro-therapy benefits          Light & Hydro-Therapy Benefits


  • Increased muscle and top line 

  • Low impact exercise (easy on joints)

  • Faster recovery time

  • Improves circulation, balance, performance, flexibility, strength, and endurance

  • effective for all ages and performance levels

  • Pre light fascial relaxation allows relaxation of the muscles as well as a calming effect which is perfect for the anxious horse.

  • Post light therapy allows worked muscles to recover faster and reduces post workout muscle soreness.

Call or email for pricing or to schedule an appointment. Monthly Rates and Package Deals Available 

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