Save $$ and time by buying a set of 3 Equilux Mini Wraps. Great value! Details: The new Equilux Mini wraps have been redesigned so you now get Red, Blue, and Green light therapy in each wrap. They also come with an optional splitter which allows you to run 2 colors at one time. Please note running two colors will decrease the battery life much faster than running a single color at a time. We recommend for battery longevity to run one color at a time starting with the cooler/shortest wavelength color first, followed by the warmer/longer wavelength color next. Each wrap has 24 hi powered low profile bulbs in each color. Mini wraps are a great hands free way to treat ting points, the spine, hocks, knees, stifles, etc. these mini wraps can be wrapped or taped just about anywhere. Includes rechargeable battery with charger..

3 Equilux Mini wraps